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Eastern Pine Elfin - Callophrys niphon
[Eastern Pine Elfin image]
Eastern Pine Elfin - Female, ovipositing - Gold River, NS - 2011-06-05
Photo © Jim Edsall
Status in Nova Scotia

Flight Period
Early May to mid-June.

Sandy areas, edges and openings with Pine trees.

Larval Foodplants
White Pine (Pinus strobus) and Jack Pine (P. banksiana).

Similar Species in Nova Scotia
Superficially similar to all of our Elfins, especially to Bog Elfin and Hoary Elfin.

Eastern Pine Elfin - Pockwock Rd, NS, 2000-05-20
Eastern Pine Elfin - Pockwock Rd, NS - 2000-05-20
Photo © Peter Payzant
Eastern Pine Elfin - Irving Centre, Wolfville, 2013-06-05
Eastern Pine Elfin - Irving Centre, Wolfville - 2013-06-05
Photo © Mark Elderkin
Eastern Pine Elfin - Pockwock Road, 2014-05-29
Eastern Pine Elfin - Pockwock Road - 2014-05-29
Photo © Phil Schappert