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Compton Tortoiseshell - Nymphalis l-album
[Compton Tortoiseshell image]
Compton Tortoiseshell - Atwood's Brook - 2003-08-26
Photo © Grant Milroy
Status in Nova Scotia
Extremely rare to rare. The Maritimes Butterfly Atlas S-rank for this species is S1S2:Extremely rare to rare.

Flight Period
Early April to early June, and then early August to early October.


Larval Foodplants
Willow, birch and poplar.

Similar Species in Nova Scotia

This species seldom visits flowers but is attracted to carrion, animal droppings and fermenting fruit.

Further Reading

Compton Tortoiseshell - Bear's Den Rd., NB, 2010-10-06
Compton Tortoiseshell - Bear's Den Rd., NB - 2010-10-06
Photo © Jim Edsall