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Cabbage White - Pieris rapae
[Cabbage White image]
Cabbage White - Kentville Ravine - 2012-07-17
Photo © Peter Payzant
Status in Nova Scotia
Abundant throughout.

Flight Period
Possibly up to six broods. Early April until late October.

All habitats, including woodland, urban and agricultural areas.

Larval Foodplants
An agricultural pest species, feeding on cabbage and other cole crops.

Similar Species in Nova Scotia
Somewhat similar to Mustard White.

This species was introduced into North America in Quebec in the 1860s, and is now one of our most abundant butterflies. It is also known as the "Cabbage Butterfly" and, in Europe, as the "Small White".

Cabbage White - Debert, NS, 2012-08-27
Cabbage White - Debert, NS - 2012-08-27
Photo © Jim Edsall
Cabbage White - Spryfield, NS, 2010-06-04
Cabbage White - Pair in courtship rejection - Spryfield, NS - 2010-06-04
Photo © Phil Schappert
Cabbage White - Halifax, NS, 2012-04-26
Cabbage White - Halifax, NS - 2012-04-26
Photo © Rita Viau
Cabbage White - Apple River, NS, 2012-06-02
Cabbage White - Apple River, NS - 2012-06-02
Photo © Kathleen F. Spicer
Cabbage White - Pugwash, 2014-07-19
Cabbage White - Pugwash - 2014-07-19
Photo © Dan Rolfe