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Mustard White - Pieris oleracea
[Mustard White image]
Mustard White - Kentville - 2004-06-05
Photo © Peter Payzant
Status in Nova Scotia
Reliable in some locations, but thinly-spread. Ferguson mentioned a colony on the road to Beinn Bhreagh and we collected one specimen there in the early 1980s. We didn't see any in this location on a subsequent visit some years later. Our first recent encounter was in the Parrsboro area on July 2, 2000. With increasing awareness on the part of some observers, this species is now being reported regularly.

Flight Period
Two broods: first brood early May to early July; second brood mid-July to mid-September.

Deciduous woods and bogs. A colony was found at Tor Bay Beach in 2019, associated with Sea Rocket.

Larval Foodplants
Various mustard family plants.

Similar Species in Nova Scotia
The Mustard White is similar to the Cabbage White, but the hind wings of the Cabbage White lack the conspicuous gray-green striping on the underside.

This species was formerly quite common in Nova Scotia, but is now scarce. Recent research indicates that this may be a different species from the related "Green-veined White" of Europe.

Further Reading

Mustard White - Kentville Ravine, NS, 2012-07-17
Mustard White - Kentville Ravine, NS - 2012-07-17
Photo © Peter Payzant
Mustard White - Kentville Ravine, NS, 2008-08-06
Mustard White - Kentville Ravine, NS - 2008-08-06
Photo © Phil Schappert
Mustard White - Musquodoboit Valley PP, NS, 2012-07-17
Mustard White - in copulo - Musquodoboit Valley PP, NS - 2012-07-17
Photo © Phil Schappert
Mustard White - West Advocate, NS, 2012-07-06
Mustard White - Cape Chignecto Provincial Park - West Advocate, NS - 2012-07-06
Photo © Kathleen F. Spicer
Mustard White - Near Windsor, 2014-07-18
Mustard White - Near Windsor - 2014-07-18
Photo © Phil Schappert
Mustard White - New Minas, NS, 2018-05-08
Mustard White - Note heavy green lines on wing veins, typical of Spring brood. - New Minas, NS - 2018-05-08
Photo © Gerald MacKenzie
Mustard White - Tor Bay beach, 2019-07-05
Mustard White - Ovipositing on Sea Rocket (Brassicaceae) - Tor Bay beach - 2019-07-05
Photo © Holger Klee
Mustard White - Victoria Park, Truro, 2022-06-19
Mustard White - Victoria Park, Truro - 2022-06-19
Photo © William D. Crawford