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Early Hairstreak - Erora laeta
[Early Hairstreak image]
Early Hairstreak - Mt. Greylock, MA - 1999-05-16
Photo © Kristine Wallstrom
Status in Nova Scotia
Very rare. Was collected in the past (1905-1931) around Digby, and 1944 in Halifax (Armdale). Some were taken in the Wentworth Valley in the late 1980s, and one was seen in the Annapolis valley in the late 1990s. The "General Status Ranks of Wild Species in Nova Scotia" list this species' status as Red: At risk or maybe at risk.

Flight Period
Mid-May to mid-June. Very few records.

Deciduous woods where Beech present.

Larval Foodplants
American Beech (Fagus grandifolia), possibly also Beaked Hazelnut (Corylus cornuta). See notes.

Similar Species in Nova Scotia
Similar to other hairstreaks, but much greener and lacks tails on hindwings.

Layberry recounts the discovery that the larvae of this species feed on Beech nuts, not leaves. They begin with the husk of the developing nut and then bore into the interior.