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European Skipper - Thymelicus lineola
[European Skipper image]
European Skipper - Waverley - 2012-07-09
Photo © Peter Payzant
Status in Nova Scotia
Very abundant

Flight Period
Mid-June through August.

Grassy fields, roadsides, parks, gardens.

Larval Foodplants
Timothy grass (Phleum pratense), other grasses.

Similar Species in Nova Scotia
Can be confused with the Least Skipper.

Introduced into Canada from Europe around 1910. Can be very abundant at times. In England, this species is known as the "Essex Skipper".

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European Skipper - Smiley's Provincal Park, NS, 2010-07-09
European Skipper - Smiley's Provincal Park, NS - 2010-07-09
Photo © Phil Schappert