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Grey Comma - Polygonia progne
[Grey Comma image]
Grey Comma - Spryfield, NS - 2010-05-18
Photo © Phil Schappert
Status in Nova Scotia

Flight Period
Early March to late August, in two overlapping broods. Overwinters as an adult.

Woods and aspen parklands (Opler).

Larval Foodplants
Currants and Gooseberry (Ribes sp.) and sometimes Elm.

Similar Species in Nova Scotia
Most likely to be confused with the very rare Hoary Comma.

Grey Comma - Spryfield, NS, 2010-05-18
Grey Comma - Spryfield, NS - 2010-05-18
Photo © Phil Schappert
Grey Comma - Moncton, NB, 2008-07-25
Grey Comma - Moncton, NB - 2008-07-25
Photo © Jim Edsall