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Hoary Comma - Polygonia gracilis
[Hoary Comma image]
Hoary Comma - Moncton, NB - 2008-07-25
Photo © Jim Edsall
Status in Nova Scotia
Extremely rare. The Maritimes Butterfly Atlas S-rank for this species is SU.

Flight Period
Late August - very little data.

Boreal forest.

Larval Foodplants

Similar Species in Nova Scotia
Similar to Grey Comma.

Unlike other anglewings, this species is sometimes found feeding at flowers.

Further Reading

Hoary Comma - Tabusintac Hill, NB, 2009-08-04
Hoary Comma - Tabusintac Hill, NB - 2009-08-04
Photo © Jim Edsall
Hoary Comma - Little Escadelloc River, NB, 2010-08-02
Hoary Comma - Little Escadelloc River, NB - 2010-08-02
Photo © Jim Edsall