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Northern Cloudywing - Thorybes pylades
[Northern Cloudywing image]
Northern Cloudywing - Smithville, TX - 2007-07-29
Photo © Phil Schappert
Status in Nova Scotia
Rare. There are fewer than 10 records from the Maritimes Butterfly Atlas, none in eButterfly and two in iNaturalist. Historically, there are only three records in Ferguson. These are from Pictou and Colchester Counties. The Maritimes Butterfly Atlas S-rank for this species is S2S3: Rare to uncommon.

Flight Period
Mid June to early July.

Unknown for Nova Scotia. Layberry says they are usually found in partially wooded places and rarely in built-up areas.

Larval Foodplants
Herbaceous Fabaceae. Layberry mentions that this species feeds on Hog Peanut Amphicarpaea bracteata at Ottawa.

Similar Species in Nova Scotia
Similar to our two Duskywings: Dreamy Duskywing and Juvenal's Duskywing.

This is typical of many of our small and inconspicuous species in that we know little of its status here in Nova Scotia.

Further Reading

Northern Cloudywing - Wayerton, NB, 2010-06-11
Northern Cloudywing - Wayerton, NB - 2010-06-11
Photo © Jim Edsall
Northern Cloudywing - Smithville, TX, 2007-09-05
Northern Cloudywing - Smithville, TX - 2007-09-05
Photo © Phil Schappert
Northern Cloudywing - Coalburn, NS, 2012-06-12
Northern Cloudywing - Coalburn, NS - 2012-06-12
Photo © Ken McKenna
Northern Cloudywing - Avondale Stn, NS, 2012-06-13
Northern Cloudywing - Avondale Stn, NS - 2012-06-13
Photo © Ken McKenna
Northern Cloudywing - Battery Lake, NS, 2012-06-21
Northern Cloudywing - Battery Lake, NS - 2012-06-21
Photo © Ken McKenna
Northern Cloudywing - Debert, N.S., 2014-07-13
Northern Cloudywing - Debert, N.S. - 2014-07-13
Photo © Phil Schappert