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Acadian Hairstreak - Satyrium acadica
[Acadian Hairstreak image]
Acadian Hairstreak - Female - North Wallace Road - 2014-07-20
Photo © Phil Schappert
Status in Nova Scotia
Extremely rare. Ferguson mentions several collected from Pictou County during the 1940's and 2 more from Cumberland County August 1, 1952. The first Nova Scotia records for the butterfly atlas period are from the Wallace area, July 20 2014. The Maritimes Butterfly Atlas S-rank for this species is "S1:Extremely rare: May be especially vulnerable to extirpation (typically 5 or fewer occurrences or very few remaining individuals)".

Flight Period
Mid-July to late August.

Streams, marshes, wet meadows.

Larval Foodplants
Willows (Salix spp.).

Similar Species in Nova Scotia
All four of our common hairstreaks are superficially similar. The major differences are in the patterning on the underside of the wings. See Banded Hairstreak, Striped Hairstreak and Gray Hairstreak.

Further Reading

Acadian Hairstreak - Ward Pound Ridge, NY, June 28 1996
Acadian Hairstreak - Ward Pound Ridge, NY - June 28 1996
June 28 1996
Photo © Kristine Wallstrom
Acadian Hairstreak - Hall's Creek, NB, 2010-07-18
Acadian Hairstreak - Hall's Creek, NB - 2010-07-18
Photo © Jim Edsall
Acadian Hairstreak - Fountain Rd. bridge, Wallace River, 2014-07-20
Acadian Hairstreak - Female - Fountain Rd. bridge, Wallace River - 2014-07-20
Photo © Phil Schappert