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Henry's Elfin - Callophrys henrici
[Henry's Elfin image]
Henry's Elfin - Tabusintac Hill, NB - 2010-05-24
Photo © Jim Edsall
Status in Nova Scotia

Flight Period
Mid-May to early June

Edges and openings of deciduous woods.

Larval Foodplants
Flower and fruit of Blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) and Plums (Prunus spp.).

Similar Species in Nova Scotia
Superficially similar to all of our Elfins, but distinguished by a large gray area in the underside of the hind wing.

Further Reading

Henry's Elfin - Lipsett Brook Rd., NB, 2010-05-17
Henry's Elfin - Lipsett Brook Rd., NB - 2010-05-17
Photo © Jim Edsall
Henry's Elfin - West of Mt. Uniacke, 2014-05-16
Henry's Elfin - West of Mt. Uniacke - 2014-05-16
Photo © Phil Schappert