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Silvery Checkerspot - Chlosyne nycteis
[Silvery Checkerspot image]
Silvery Checkerspot - Irishtown Park, NB - 2009-06-18
Photo © Jim Edsall
Status in Nova Scotia
Extremely rare. Only two records from Ferguson: a colony existed near South Milford in 1934 and 1951. The Maritimes Butterfly Atlas S-rank for this species is "S1?:Extremely rare: May be especially vulnerable to extirpation (typically 5 or fewer occurrences or very few remaining individuals)".

Flight Period
Late June - very little data.

Stream shores, second-growth scrub, meadows.

Larval Foodplants
Asters, sunflowers, Black-eyed Susans.

Similar Species in Nova Scotia
Similar to Harris' Checkerspot, but the underside of the hindwing is diagnostic.

This has also been called the "Silver Crescent".

Further Reading

Silvery Checkerspot - McBriety Rd., NB, 2009-06-17
Silvery Checkerspot - McBriety Rd., NB - 2009-06-17
Photo © Jim Edsall